30+ in South Africa

As 30 somethings In South Africa in 2019, how will we accurately navigate a world where the landmines are people and their feelings, work deadlines and the needs of our families all at once, not to mention being empathetic and politically correct online and in real life at a the same damn time. I’m often reminded through my own experiences that as much as we live in a global world, connected through our phone screens, we have some unique factors which influence our South African way of life, such as local politics, the low value of our money, old cultural and racial wounds and a nightmarish attitude with regards to misogyny and or toxic masculinity. With the cost of living going up ridiculously year on year it makes it that much harder to reach the next level of your personal journey while keeping the lights on. Most young South Africans are hard wired to believe you have to become good at, and stick with one path for the rest of your life. This has caused feelings of large scale vulnerability and depression within many of us as we are faced with confusion about our place in a rapidly changing world. If you are 30 plus years old today, you have lived in the pre-internet days in South Africa, which was a radically different time. The internet has incredibly changed the way we see ourselves in relation to the rest of the world and locally and in some ways its more intimidating than ever before while also very liberating. I personally choose to be liberated. I think its safe to say we have realized years ago that my generation was bamboozled into a false sense of security through highly qualified and prized jobs which we now see as bullshit for the most part. This may have been accurate for a small portion of us who were meant for the  "top five respected jobs" path but certainly not for all of us. The old idea of work hard and be a good, humble person and you will be rewarded has not proven well for most of us. Straight “A” students are sitting in mediocre level employment doubting their intelligence after peaking early in life while high school dropouts who we once laughed at are winning in ways we cannot understand, where do you fit in? The system failed us but blame wont make it any better. Apparently South African youth are very risk averse. This old way of being is definitely a contributing factor. The world we face today is so full of opportunities we cannot even begin to comprehend due to the fact that we are too busy playing cultural catch-up and focusing on what offends us now that we have a voice to finally be heard (thank God for social media). The sooner we get over our age and how far behind or different we are from our younger sisters and brothers, the sooner we can look forward to what lies ahead of us and grab hold of what’s on offer, new opportunities in all ways, shapes and forms. We have the advantage of life experience in our 30’s. Once life has knocked you down a few times and you have survived, then my friend you are ready to take on the world. At this stage in life you should have some idea of who you are and what you do and don’t want out of life, now learn how to use that to get what you need. If at this stage in your life you are still prioritizing shiny things over life experiences and people’s opinions over your own inner voice then you will never truly be fulfilled. My hope for 2019 is to see more 30 somethings winning in ways that are meaningful to them personally, rather than what a flawed, invisible collective idea tells us. Lets give up the BS and live realistically, debt is slavery. But you already knew this. And if you are still in your 20’s and motivated enough, while still living at home then go forth and kill it while your parents are footing the bill, it does not last forever, I know first-hand. Stay blessed!